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     I was very pleased with Church End Carpet Cleaning Company's prices. They are professional cleaners that really care about giving everyone fantastic services. I didn't think I could ever afford a professional to help, but now I can! Thank you so much!
Paul T.15/03/2016
     Upholstery cleaning becomes a bit tricky when you have a fabric sofa as opposed to leather that you can just wipe down. However the professionals at Church End Cleaning Service I hired knew exactly what to do to get all the stains out with their steam cleaner. Needless to say, the sofa looks like something out of a store and I love my living room again. Awesome job!
Sam L.01/12/2015
     I was moving out and needed an end of tenancy cleaning service to guarantee my deposit would be returned to me by my landlord. There was no damage in the place, it was just dirty. I hired Church End Carpet Cleaning Company and they sent a team to blitz the place from top to bottom. They did an amazing job and at a good cost. The place shone with cleanliness! I got my deposit returned and the landlord wanted the name of the cleaning company as he was so impressed with their quality of work!
Dennis R.14/07/2015
     I had a couple of stains on my favourite carpet that I was having difficulty in removing. Over time, it seemed as if these stains were getting even more dirty, if that's possible. Someone suggested calling in ChurchEndCarpetCleaners because they had worked wonders on her carpet. I did, and I couldn't be more glad I did! The stains were gone, or at least not visible, and the carpet was so fluffy and fresh it looked almost new! If you ever need the best carpet cleaners in town, I would highly recommend this company!
     My wife and I have been using ChurchEndCarpetCleaners for some time now and can honestly say we find them to be accommodating and professional. Their cleaning staff is always so polite and work diligently to make sure the cleaning chores and completed swiftly, yet thoroughly. The cleaners never stall or try to make idle chitchat. They are nothing if not hard working and the results speak for themselves! I can't thank you enough and would definitely recommend such a reasonably priced service!
Allan V.15/01/2015
     Carpet cleaners can be difficult to get right. You can use that shampoo that you get form the supermarket, but in reality, all that does is clog up the pile, and leave you with a sticky mess. I find that getting a company like ChurchEndCarpetCleaners in to dry clean or steam clean the carpet is the best option. With ChurchEndCarpetCleaners I get great service and a really good cleaning, which is exactly what I am after in all honesty! No matter the stains, no matter the carpet, they always come through for me.
Kathryn R.31/07/2014
     ChurchEndCarpetCleaners are a truly brilliant local cleaning company and thanks to their experienced and dedicated cleaning staff my windows have never looked as clean or as sparkly! I used the same window cleaner for over a decade and it wasn't until he retired that I'd even considered hiring anyone else. The difference between my old window cleaner and the ones from this company is astounding - my windows are free from smears and marks and they look absolutely perfect every single time I get them cleaned! I love this cleaning service as it's so reliable and professional. Definitely worth giving them a call!

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